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PICO (Episode 2)

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PICO: Happiness Depends On Victory (Episode 2)

Apr 12, 2016

In episode two of PICO, we are once again set amongst a Turkish backdrop where riots rule the streets. Despite the distraction, a result of political ferment, Aaron Pico and his support team stay focused on the task at hand: wrestling. Bader manages to catch up with Aaron's father, Anthony, and discovers that Pico has been excelling at a variety of sports since he was young: motocross, boxing, pankration. We also get a one-on-one with Aaron's personal coach, Valentin Kalika, who reveals his developing relationship with Aaron and his goal to coach him to an Olympic Title. In our final sequence, we see Aaron compete. His first opponent, a Turkish competitor, proves scrappy but is no test for the relentless style of Pico. Pico handles him and is ready to move onto the next.