Josh Thomson Talks Donald Trump Support, Berkeley Protests

Josh Thomson Talks Donald Trump Support, Berkeley Protests

Josh Thomson Talks Donald Trump Support, Berkeley Protests

By James Lynch

Bellator lightweight Josh Thomson talks about his support for President Donald Trump and he gives his thoughts on the violent protests at the University of California, Berkeley.

Support for President Donald Trump

"People want to talk to me about the Trump thing. Look we’ve gone through all the other politicians that we have. I could care less, I want to see what he can do that’s different. We’ve elected an outsider, let’s just see. Stop complaining about him, be open to the change because whatever it is we’re doing isn’t working. Whether you agree with what he’s doing or not, just sit back and see what happens because he’s there for four years. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Republican or Democrat – I’m a conservative – it doesn’t matter what we are.

"It doesn’t mean s**t if it’s the same thing over and over again. These guys are all friends behind closed doors. The only people getting screwed over is us. I was actually encouraged by Donald Trump running because he was running against the Republicans and the Liberals. So the fact that he still got elected, that kind of says where the nation is as a whole. There sick and tired of what’s going on in Washington and something had to change. The fact that he got elected should be eye opening for everyone. Those people who live in big cities, they live in a bubble. They need to learn that the rest of the nation has spoken up in this election.

"They aren’t racist and bigots, they’re just sick and tired of the little man being treated this way. That’s why they voted the way they voted. They’re probably all closest Trump supporters and they were afraid of being scrutinized for saying they’re voting for Trump. They really deep down wanted to vote for Trump because they wanted something different. They knew they wouldn’t get that with Mitt Romney so that’s why they turned around and voted formTrump. Mitt Romney was still the insider, Trump was not. He was telling these politicians telling to f-themselves. He was running against both parties.

"The nation has spoken and they want to see change. The rest of the country is not happy with the direction of what’s going on because of our politicians, not just conservatives or liberals – both of them.

Violent protests at University of California, Berkeley

Look I’m all for protesting but when you’re tearing other people’s businesses down and causing destruction. If you get arrested, you should be given the bill by the city to pay for all [the damage]. The only reason why I say that is because it never says anywhere in our constitution that you’re free to protest as in destroying other people’s stuff. You’re available to go ahead and protest in a quiet and nice way. You just can’t destroys other people’s stuff that they work for. You’re throwing stuff through a Starbucks, but [that company] helps immigrants and donate to a lot of countries like Africa. They do a lot of stuff for their community. I’m not ok with [violent protesting], I think at the end of the day they should get the bill.