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  1. Aaron Pico

    Aaron Pico

    Oct 23, 2017

  2. PICO: The Loss That Hurt The Most (Episode 4)

    PICO: The Loss That Hurt The Most (Episode 4)

    Apr 12, 2016

    After losing an absolute war in the quarter finals against a game Turkish competitor, Aaron Pico is pulled back into the repechage when the Turkish wrestler makes the finals. In his next bout, Pico gets paired vs the Russian National Champ. Shockingly, he lost again. We had not seen Pico lose once to an international competitor, but in Turkey we saw him lose twice. In the final sequence of the episode, the final sequence of the series, we watch as Pico responds to this test. He responds like a man and vows to use the experience as a motivator to improve and re-focus.

  3. PICO: PICO'S Greatest War (Episode 3)

    PICO: PICO'S Greatest War (Episode 3)

    Apr 12, 2016

    After winning his first two matches, Aaron Pico put himself in the quarter finals of the Turkish Junior Tournament. His quarterfinal opponent: the winner of the Russian National Champion vs a talented, and somewhat unknown, Turkish wrestler. The Turkish wrestler won, which would set up Pico's greatest war to date! In episode three of PICO, watch the tournament's most controversial quarterfinal match between our American prodigy and a savvy opponent and see how Cadet World Champ, Aaron Pico, reacts to his first loss vs. international competition.

  4. PICO: Happiness Depends On Victory (Episode 2)

    PICO: Happiness Depends On Victory (Episode 2)

    Apr 12, 2016

    In episode two of PICO, we are once again set amongst a Turkish backdrop where riots rule the streets. Despite the distraction, a result of political ferment, Aaron Pico and his support team stay focused on the task at hand: wrestling. Bader manages to catch up with Aaron's father, Anthony, and discovers that Pico has been excelling at a variety of sports since he was young: motocross, boxing, pankration. We also get a one-on-one with Aaron's personal coach, Valentin Kalika, who reveals his developing relationship with Aaron and his goal to coach him to an Olympic Title. In our final sequence, we see Aaron compete. His first opponent, a Turkish competitor, proves scrappy but is no test for the relentless style of Pico. Pico handles him and is ready to move onto the next.

  5. PICO: PICO vs. The World (Episode 1)

    PICO: PICO vs. The World (Episode 1)

    Apr 12, 2016

    "Phenom is an understatement when you talk about Aaron Pico." Join Mark Bader as he travels to Izmir, Turkey to spend four days inside the Junior International camp, side by side with Cadet World Champion and pro athlete Aaron Pico. For Pico, the expectation is Olympic Gold. How can the 17 year old high school junior handle such pressure? How can he handle the chaos of international travel and competition? Find out in part one of our four part series, 'PICO.'

  6. PICO (Trailer)

    PICO (Trailer)

    Apr 12, 2016

    He's a Cadet World Champion, a Junior National Champion, he's beaten Senior level Russians and d1 All Americans. He's only 17 and he already went pro. Wrestlers like Aaron Pico don't come along often, but when they do you make sure to pay attention. Go behind the scenes with one of the most talented and accomplished young wrestlers we've ever seen in Flowrestling's newest original series: PICO.