2021 NFC MMA 133

How to Watch: 2021 NFC MMA 133

How to Watch: 2021 NFC MMA 133

How to watch NFC MMA 133 2021 on FloCombat.

Mar 10, 2021
How to Watch: 2021 NFC MMA 133

Here's how to watch the 2021 NFC MMA 133 on FloCombat.

The 2021 NFC MMA 133 starts on Jun 12, 2021.

Full Fight Card:

*** 171 lbs max: Tanner Chambers (Electric City MMA, 2-0) vs Alex Perry (Knuckle Up Fitness, -0)
*** 146 lbs max: Timothy Cureton (Electric City MMA, 2-2) vs Travis Floyd (X3 Sports, 2-1)
*** 156 lbs max: Tyler Barber (Contemporary Martial Arts, 1-1) vs Drew Ball (Glory MMA, 0-0)
*** 156 lbs max: Christian Hardin (Contemporary Martial Arts, 0-1) vs John Grayson (Bodyshot Combat Club, 0-0)
*** 206 lbs max: Roland Mizell (Embrace Martial Arts, 1-1) vs Cooper Kaminsky (Beaufort MMA, 0-0)
*** 146 lbs max: Nathan Rivera (X3 Sports, 1-2) vs Carter Barrett (Riptide MMA, 2-0)
*** 171 lbs max: Reese Watkins (X3 Sports, 2-1) vs Lewis Glover (Beaufort MMA, 3-1)
*** 147 lbs max: Josh Strubel (UFC Gym Greenville, 0-0) vs Antonio Walker (Blacksheep MMA, 0-0)
*** 136 lbs max: Sean King (UFC Gym Greenville, 0-0) vs Jordan Trent (Gwinnett Training Academy, 0-0)
*** 156 lbs max: Greg Gilland (UFC Gym Greenville, 0-0) vs T'Angelo Roberts (Gwinnett Training Academy, 1-0)

P Control vs Electric City MMA
P Control (Clay Bennett, Evan Greene, Ivan Martins, Everett Hickman)
Electric City MMA (Alex Ninan, Nick Biggs, Colton Ziesloft, Avery Norris)

*** 156 lbs max: Sam Harakas Electric City MMA, 0-0) vs Reyno Towne (Charleston Muay Thai, 0-0)
*** 156 lbs max: Luke Renk (Electric City MMA, 2-2) vs Manuel Furtado (Riptide MMA, 0-1)
*** 136 lbs max: Duece Carter (Rogue Comat Club, 2-0) vs Takahide Konishi (Spartan Academy, 3-2)
*** 156 lbs max: Taylor Rodrigue (UFC Gym Greenville, 2-3) vs Will Valentin (Beaufort MMA, 0-0)
*** 171 lbs max: Isaac Rosevelt (Rogue Combat Club, 0-0) vs Lamoris Jeter (UFC Gym Greenville, 0-0)

How to Watch:

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