Lauren Murphy: Training During Quarantine

In this time of general uncertainty, Lauren Murphy sat down with Top Turtle MMA to talk about how she’s staying busy and training. 

Training During Quarantine

Although some fighters have discussed that they are having trouble training during these times, Lauren Murphy is fortunate enough to not be one of those fighters. Some of that is her relaxed demeanor, but the majority of it comes to her wonderfully perfect training situation for the time being. 

“I’m blessed. I’m really blessed that I live in a nice house with a black belt, who is also one of my coaches and cornermen,” she said of her husband/trainer Joe. “And we have mats at our house, so we can drill a lot. We actually had a really good drilling session yesterday.”

In addition to staying busy doing some grappling with a Fight to Win pro veteran and black belt, she’s also keeping her fitness up. Without a fight on the horizon though, she sees little need to stress about the situation. 

“I can still go for runs outside and do little home workouts and stuff. But to be honest with you, I don’t have a fight lined up right now and we’ve got some money in the bank, and we just moved into our new house,” Murphy said. “I’m coming off a good win, so I honestly don’t mind taking a bit of time to relax.”

Potential Fight with Roxy Modafferi

After her last fight, Murphy called for a future bout with Roxanne Modafferi. Even though she made the callout, she made it perfectly clear that she likes her former TUF castmate. 

“I do really like Roxy. We met on The Ultimate Fighter and we’ve kept in touch ever since. I am a big Roxy fan,” she said. “But for me it’s an honor to go in there and fight her. I would definitely bring her my best.”

And her best would come out both because she respects Roxy as a person, but also because she respects her history in the fight game. 

“Roxanne fought for the Strikeforce title before I even started training,” he said. “People think we’re from the same generation, but we’re not. She was fighting way before me and I used to watch her on my TV.”

In addition to the chance to fight an MMA legend, Modafferi seems to be the one who can get her to the title shot. She’s already fought one of the few women in front of her. With the others coming off of losses and failed attempts to make weight, Roxy represents the best chance for her to try to get at that strap - which she believes is close. 

“Jojo [Calderwood] just got a title shot off of beating Andrea Lee by split decision. I also just beat Andrea Lee by split decision, so I feel like I have to be pretty close.”

Staying Mentally Busy

Since the Coronavirus has forced a lot of people to spend more time at home, Murphy has been spending a bunch of time working on her new house and cooking/eating good food - the ease of not having to worry about weighing in makes the latter easier. However, when she’s not doing those things, she’s been reading one of the latest works of a non-fiction bestseller. 

“This is actually really good timing, Bill Bryson just came out with a new book called The Body and it’s fucking awesome. It’s hysterical. Bill Bryson is one of my favorite authors,” she shared. “If anybody is interested in learning everything they fucking could about the human body and how it works in a really entrertaining way.”

When she’s not brushing up on Bryson’s newest work, you can find her right where you can find most people at this time.   

“Twitter - the black hole of Twitter that can just suck you in for hours looking at other people’s bullshit,” she laughed.

You can stay on top of all of her updates by following her on IG (@laurenmurphymma) or on Twitter (@LaurenMurphyMMA).

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