2019 Valor Fights 65

Was Charlie Alexander Robbed At VFC 65?

Was Charlie Alexander Robbed At VFC 65?

Did Charlie Alexander get robbed at VFC 65?

Oct 21, 2019 by Ryan Holmes
Was Charlie Alexander Robbed At VFC 65?

As fight fans we are no stranger to controversial rulings. Time and time again fans, fighters, and even promoters don't agree with the judges. So let's add another controversial ruling to the list.

This past weekend at Valor Fights 65, Charlie Alexander and David Robins met for the VFC Lightweight title. The fight went to a decision, which was ruled in favor of Robins. Since then Alexander has been verbal about the decision on social media saying:

"Rough night, I got robbed in my home town. I exposed a man tonight that was protected by something out of my control. That’s all I have to say...his reaction and him being carried out of the arena unable to walk tells it’s own story." (via Charlie Alexander on Facebook)

Ok, so let's go back and watch the fight to see if we saw what Alexander did. Also, like he said in his post, take a look at Robins' reaction to the decision. It would appear that he was surprised with it as well.