Cerrone Admits Trash Talk 'Drives Me Crazy,' But McGregor Is Different

Cerrone Admits Trash Talk 'Drives Me Crazy,' But McGregor Is Different

Donald Cerrone admits Alexander Hernandez irked him with his trash talk at UFC Fight Night 143 then explains why Conor McGregor is different.

Jan 22, 2019 by Daniel Vreeland
Cerrone Admits Trash Talk 'Drives Me Crazy,' But McGregor Is Different

Donald Cerrone turned in another classic "Cowboy" performance Saturday night at UFC Fight Night 143 in Brooklyn. With his typically calm demeanor, he consistently walked down the younger, higher-ranked Alexander Hernandez until he landed a head kick that put Hernandez on roller skates. 

While Cerrone had ice water in his veins during the fight, the pre-fight presser was another deal altogether. 

“At the press conference, cutting weight, irritable? 'Dude, listen here you little f*cker,' that’s how I felt,” Cerrone said after the fight. “If he said something about my wife or my kid, I would have ripped his f*cking heart out right there.”

Even though Cerrone doesn’t let the mouths of younger fighters bother him or affect him in the cage, he does see it as a growing trend in the UFC — one he wishes would stop. 

“It drives me so crazy how these guys in the back are standing right next to you,” Cerrone said. “All of a sudden they get in front of the camera, they get in front of you guys, and they just run their free speech.”

Now that Cerrone is a dad, he sees the value in being a positive figure and wishes young fighters would strive for the same. 

“I wish these young kids coming into the game wouldn’t model themselves after [UFC welterweight] Colby [Covington],” Cerrone said. “Be something that people can follow you on Instagram, something kids want to dress up as for Halloween.”

In the midst of all of these comments, it appears Cowboy might be on a collision course with one of the best trash talkers of all time: Conor McGregor. However, Cerrone points out that McGregor's trash talk is a bit different than his past opponent or the likes of Covington.

“Conor is witty and smart," Cerrone said. "He has funny, crafty shit—not stupid." 

After the victory, Cowboy said he’d be ready for that fight as soon as possible. With little to no injuries and McGregor posting a tweet in agreement, it appears it could be right down the road.