Juan Adams Explains Why He's 'Real Pissed' At Little Debbie

After his performance on Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series, Juan Adams was a shoo-in for a UFC contract. 

In the aging heavyweight division, the 26-year-old Adams not only brings youth but he marks a return to the giant, hyper-athletic heavyweights that were so popular in the Brock Lesnar era. In fact, Adams might even weigh more than Lesnar on an average day. 

“I walk around, if I’m not training at all, I’ll get up to about 310 pounds,” Adams told the Top Turtle MMA Podcast on FloCombat. “If I train moderately, like two or three times a week, I walk around at 295 pounds.”

With his Dec. 15 UFC on Fox 31 scrap vs. Chris de la Rocha in Milwaukee just around the corner, Adams is obviously much closer to the heavyweight limit of 265 pounds and is at no risk to miss weight. 

“When we’re training like we are now—I’m doing three-a-days and then two-a-days on my lighter days," Adams said. "On my off day, I’m just training once and going on a three-mile run. So right now I’m walking around at about 285 pounds."

Although his weight is right where it needs to be for this week, getting there wasn’t easy. With Thanksgiving having just passed, Adams had to handle his holiday a little differently than he usually does. 

“Honestly, it was super tough because I have a girlfriend now and we went to her family’s and her family friends and a couple other places,” he said. “And I’m just at all these different dinners, not eating anything.”

To combat the pangs he felt at the sight of turkey and stuffing, Adams followed his strict dieting plan and looked to avoid questions about it. 

“I had my little protein shake and some coffee to get me through the day,” Adams said. “I normally would drink it on the way to dinner so I didn’t have to answer that question.”

Even though he enjoys his turkey dinner, skipping the Thanksgiving feast hasn’t been the hardest part of the diet. Instead, the biggest issue has come with Adams giving up all of his favorite desserts from his favorite brand. 

“Man, honestly, it wasn’t even the Thanksgiving food all that much, it's my Little Debbie's snacks,” Adams said. “I’m a huge fan of the zebra cake.”

And the timing of the fight with Little Debbie’s seasonal offerings available only makes it harder. 

“Christmas season is coming up, so they have the Christmas tree things,” Adam said. “The strawberry shortcake rolls are an all-time favorite of mine, and then the oatmeal cream pies of course.”

But don’t expect a full, glowing recommendation from Adams. He still has a bone to pick with Debbie. 

“They used to have zebra cake nutty bars, but they discontinued those, so I’m real pissed about that,” he said, only mostly joking. 

Despite his affinity for the snack cakes, he maintains that he’s on point and ready for this weekend’s scrap. It’ll be after that he’ll really indulge, which will be great for him—and not so much for his girlfriend.

“I already told the lady friend, ‘Hey, don’t get too used to these abs,'” he said. “As soon as the fight is over, the abs are gone.”

With a win, he’ll also drop a celebratory drink into the mix. 

“I always start off with a cosmo, that’s my go-to,” Adams shared. “I love the super-colorful, bright drinks.”

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