Khabib Nurmagomedov Wants Conor McGregor, Tony Ferguson 'Same Night'

UFC lightweight Khabib Nurmagomedov is on fire, and he's not cooling down. 

After dismantling Edson Barboza at UFC 219 this past Saturday, the 25-0 Nurmagomedov is now 100 percent impossible to ignore in divisional title talks. 

With champion Conor McGregor and interim champion Tony Ferguson ahead of him, however, Nurmagomedov's situation is unclear. Does he go straight to McGregor? Do Ferguson and McGregor need to fight first? 

Do Nurmagomedov and Ferguson fight to determine who gets McGregor? 

Speaking with TMZ Sports, Nurmagomedov discussed his future, bringing a touch of clarity to the chaos. 

"I don't need money. I need only [a] real fight, a fight for the title," Nurmagomedov said. "I don't fight for the money. I fight for my legacy. I'm fighting for history. I fight for my people. That's why I'm here. 

"You know what's interesting now? ... Three rounds? I'm tired about this. I need like 50, 60 rounds. I want to fight all night. I want to fight all night. This is what I want. I need Tony and Conor [on the] same night, I swear. I'm not joking. Tony Ferguson and Conor McGregor — same night." 

Nurmagomedov said he's spoken briefly with UFC President Dana White regarding his future, and he made his intentions clear.

"I [told] him, 'Hey, today, when I fight, my son is born," Nurmagomedov said. "I [told] him, 'Hey, you remember one year ago, like all MMA fan [were] waiting for Conor's son. But I'm here for my fans, for my legacy, for my history, for everything. I need real fight. Tony or Conor, it doesn't matter. Please give me both.'" 

According to Nurmagomedov, White was receptive to the idea. 

"He said, 'You deserve everything [that] you want,'" Nurmagomedov recalled.

Listen to the interview below.

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