Darren Till Not Blaming 'Scared' Stephen Thompson For Broken Matchup

Darren Till Not Blaming 'Scared' Stephen Thompson For Broken Matchup

Red-hot UFC welterweight Darren Till discusses his wacky Stephen Thompson situation and more on the Top Turtle MMA Podcast.

Nov 15, 2017 by Hunter Homistek
Darren Till Not Blaming 'Scared' Stephen Thompson For Broken Matchup

By Daniel Vreeland

A week ago, Dana White revealed his plans to move the UFC on Fox 28 fight card from Orlando, FL, to the United Kingdom in an interview with the Los Angeles Times.

In doing so, he announced his plan to feature former welterweight title challenger Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson against rising star Darren Till. The announcement set the MMA world on fire last Tuesday night, with fans and pundits alike excited for the stylistic matchup.

Unfortunately, only 24 hours later, Thompson’s father, who also serves as his manager, smashed those rumors, saying that his team had no part in any of those negotiations (h/t Ariel Helwani/MMAFighting.com). Furthermore, he said it was not a fight that interested his son.

In a recent interview with Top Turtle MMA Podcast, Till confirmed the announcement was more than a little premature.

“I found out [about the matchup] the same way everyone else did,” said Till, noting he also had not been part of any negotiations. “I didn’t know anything about the ‘Wonderboy’ deal until Dana said in the interview.

“When I woke up that morning, I was just as shocked as anyone else.”

While the announcement itself was shocking, the following 24 hours were even more surprising for Till. Messages on Twitter, calls from friends, and text messages aplenty flooded his entire day.

“It’s been crazy to be honest, mate.” he said.

Although the matchup wasn’t run by him in the first place, don’t think that Till isn’t interested in scrapping with Thompson. In fact, Till loves the idea of testing his skills against Wonderyboy's inside the UFC Octagon.

“Dana wants to make the fight," Till said. "I want to make the fight, but it seems that Wonderboy’s dad doesn’t want to make the fight.”

But he’s not blaming Thompson or his team for their decision. Despite being seen as a brash and bold speaker, Till doesn’t see anything wrong with their choice.

“For whatever reason [they turned it down]; it doesn’t matter. That’s entirely up to them,” Till said.

Darren Till Lightning Round

However, Till is pretty sure of what would happen if that matchup did come to fruition.

“I don’t think he’s got a lot for me,” Till said. “I’m confident that I could knock him out.”

While the discussion of a Thompson fight seems to be over for the time being, the Liverpool native Till offered one more take during our lightning round.

When given the name “Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson,” Till’s response was quick and clear:


Listen to the full interview with Till, embedded below.