Georges St-Pierre Uncertain About Next Move After Winning MW Crown

Georges St-Pierre Uncertain About Next Move After Winning MW Crown

Former UFC welterweight king and newly crowned middleweight champion Georges St-Pierre discussed the future during a media call on Thursday.

Nov 9, 2017 by Duane Finley
Georges St-Pierre Uncertain About Next Move After Winning MW Crown

By Damon Martin

Georges St-Pierre isn't ready to commit to anything right now other than a vacation to get his mind off of fighting for a bit.

That’s the word from the new UFC middleweight champion just days after defeating Michael Bisping to win the title after nearly four years away from fighting.

On Thursday, St-Pierre answered questions about his next move and repeatedly mentioned a clause in his contract that required him to fight interim middleweight champion Robert Whittaker.

"I don't know. I don't know yet. I have no idea what's going to happen. I'll find out soon but I don't know yet," St-Pierre said when pressed for information on his next fight. "I don't know even know myself what's going to be the next move.

"Robert Whittaker is in my contract. If I want to fight again, it has to be against Robert Whittaker at 185 [pounds]. It's in my contract. I cannot go fight Tyron Woodley or go fight another guy. My contract is that the UFC doesn't want me to fight anywhere. I have to fight Robert Whittaker. That's my contract."

St-Pierre added part of the reason why the UFC put that clause in his contract was to prevent him from winning the belt and just hopping back down to 170 pounds, which would then throw the middleweight division into upheaval.

"The UFC did not want me to go to middleweight and drop the belt and go to another weight class," St-Pierre said. "It's business. They want to protect their belt. It's normal from their point of view. That's why they wrote that clause in my contract."

St-Pierre also said he didn't want to disrupt the middleweight division too much after he jumped the line to get his title shot against Bisping at UFC 217.

Furthermore, while St-Pierre's career resume alone earned him the automatic title shot, he's not going to ignore other contenders who have been working toward an opportunity to fight for the championship.

"I know the title has been on hold for a long time and that's not my intention," St-Pierre said. "There's going to be news about it in the next few weeks, but I don't plan to hold the title and not defend it. I'm not going to do that. There's other guys in line — Luke Rockhold, Whittaker, and all these guys — and they have a family to feed. It's not my intention to put everybody on freezing. That's not what I want to do."

Still, St-Pierre was elusive on fully committing to a future at middleweight because he knows better than anybody that changes can be made no matter what's written in a contract.

"I don't have any intention of making the guys lose their time," St-Pierre said. "I'm going to go on vacation next week and talk about it with the UFC, see what the next move.

"Right now my contract is written that I have to fight Robert Whittaker but a lot of things can happen in MMA. You see things change all the time."