Darren Till: 'I'm On A Course Of Destruction To Be The GOAT'

Darren Till: 'I'm On A Course Of Destruction To Be The GOAT'

UFC welterweight Darren Till lights up the Top Turtle MMA Podcast with a hot-fire interview.

Oct 2, 2017 by FloCombat Staff
Darren Till: 'I'm On A Course Of Destruction To Be The GOAT'
When a last-second injury scraps a fight in the UFC, the responses are fairly predictable.

Fighters outside the UFC start harassing matchmaker Sean Shelby to let them be the late replacement, and those looking to make a quick jump up the rankings start publicly calling for the fight via social media. Most of the time, this is just a ploy to get some attention. After all, that "anywhere, anytime" mentality sells.

When Thiago Alves dropped out of his Sept. 16 fight with Mike Perry at UFC Fight Night Pittsburgh, plenty of names threw their hats in the ring to step up. While some may have just been looking to get attention, Darren Till meant it.

"I will fight anyone," Till recently told the Top Turtle MMA Podcast on FloCombat. "Some people are probably saying, 'He's just selling those tickets,' but I would have fought Mike Perry on no notice. That's the truth."

While it's easy to say on Twitter that you would take the fight, Till actually went through with trying to get it. After contacting the UFC's European office and asking about being the replacement, he found out they had already filled in with eventual replacement Alex Reyes. But Till says that actually going after those types of fights is what separates fighters from talkers.

"That's what legends are made of; they're made of that shit. They'll take fights on two days' notice," Till said. "That's what legends are made of, and I'm a fuc*ing legend, let me tell ya."

Even though the fight was just be a month before Till's upcoming bout with Donald Cerrone at UFC Fight Night in Gdansk, Poland, on Oct. 21, Till doesn't feel taking the fight with Perry would have jeopardized the latter matchup. In fact, he was more than ready to fight both of them in a month's time.

"If I'm not injured in a way that I cannot fight, I will fight every month in the UFC," Till said. "And I'll fight anyone. I've always said that; I will fight any c*nt. I would have fought Mike Perry on a Saturday, and a month later I would have also knocked 'Cowboy' (Donald Cerrone) out. That was exactly how I was thinking."

Although Till seems to be overlooked by the average UFC fan, that mentality is likely what got him the fight with Cerrone. Seeing as Cerrone is already ranked No. 6 in the UFC's welterweight rankings and Till is not ranked, it seemed like an odd pairing. Till knows, however, there is a good reason for the fight.

"This 'Cowboy' fight is a big test," he said. "They want to see the real Darren Till, if they can make a star out of me, see if I'm the real deal."

Plus, Till feels that the rankings don't matter at all. In fact, he hopes never to be ranked.

"Shit, it doesn't matter," he said. "The only thing I want is that belt. I'll beat 'Cowboy' and I'll beat the rest, and I still don't want them to put me in those rankings, because I don't care about those rankings. I want gold."

Between that thought and his mic skills, Till seems to be on a path to stardom. And he'll be the first to promote that.

"I'm on a course of destruction to be the greatest fighter of all time," he said.