Alexa Grasso Eyes UFC 217, Talks Proud Mexican Heritage

Alexa Grasso Eyes UFC 217, Talks Proud Mexican Heritage

Rising UFC strawweight Alexa Grasso talks gaining experience and representing Mexico proudly.

Sep 13, 2017 by Duane Finley
Alexa Grasso Eyes UFC 217, Talks Proud Mexican Heritage
For FloCombat via A.G Fight

Coming off a win just over a month ago, Alexa Grasso is in good spirits.

The split decision over Randa Markos at Mexico City's UFC Fight Night 114 got the young strawweight back on track after suffering the first defeat of her career. And, if things go her way, she'll top that accomplishment on one of the biggest cards the UFC will put on this year.

"I would love to fight on November 4 (at UFC 217) in New York," Grasso said. "I'm training with that date in mind. This would be the perfect amount of time for me to prepare for a fight, around seven weeks.

"But that doesn't depend on me. I said earlier that my goal for this year is to reach the top 10. So, I hope I'll get a fight before the year is over so that I can achieve that goal. And then, of course, [my goal is to] go up one day to fight for the belt."

Aware that her narrow victory over Markos was questioned by many in the MMA world, Grasso (10-1) admitted she had some trouble facing a much more experienced fighter. However, in Grasso's mind, she was deserving of the victory.

"It was a difficult fight, we both gave the best," Grasso said. "But my pressure and forcefulness were superior. That's why I won. In my view, I won the first and third rounds and she won the second. But I changed the strategy for the third round and I did well. The UFC has the best athletes in the world. She has a lot more experience than I do. She has more time in the sport than I do. In the end, I was satisfied with what I did. It was a very important victory for me and for my career."

As in the fight against Markos, Grasso struggled in a unanimous-decision loss to seasoned veteran Felice Herrig in February -- the first setback of Grasso's career. At the time, according to the 24-year-old Mexican, it was nervousness that influenced her performance the most.

"I was nervous about facing a veteran athlete, with more time in the sport and a bigger name," Grasso said. "The nervousness got the best of me, but I learned a lot from this fight. Sometimes, we learn from our mistakes. I'm not glad I lost the fight, but it was a great experience. It was a situation that made me so nervous that it got in the way. I wasn't focused, and things went wrong."

Despite the loss, Grasso, along with Yair Rodriguez, is considered one of Mexico's biggest stars in the UFC and has even received praise from the organization's president, Dana White. For Grasso, it is important to open the eyes of the world to Mexico.

"I think we're all doing a great job because we're training so hard," Grasso stated. "We are the new generation and we must do the best we can every time we have the opportunity to fight. I don't feel any pressure, I like doing things the right way and I hope everyone turns their eyes to Mexico. We have schools, coaches, students and a lot of talent.

"It gives me pleasure to see people appreciate my work. I want to be a good example. Doing things right has many good consequences. I want to motivate children, adolescents, boys and girls, all people to exercise and eat properly. I hope I can do something good for society."

To reach that goal, Grasso is determined to win over fans through her body of work inside the cage.

"I appreciate the compliments about my beauty, but I'm more than a pretty face," she said. "I train a lot. I work hard, and I do a lot of things to get results. What matters most to me is being a great athlete."

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