Top Turtle Podcast: Top Prospect Shane Burgos Talks Rise Of Tiger Schulmann

Top Turtle Podcast: Top Prospect Shane Burgos Talks Rise Of Tiger Schulmann

Undefeated prospect Shane Burgos is fired up about the future of his fight team ahead of UFC on Fox 25.

Jul 13, 2017 by FloCombat Staff
Top Turtle Podcast: Top Prospect Shane Burgos Talks Rise Of Tiger Schulmann
The current era of mixed martial arts is one where fans believe champions can only be made working in super gyms.

Once former UFC women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey started losing the most prominent criticism she faced was her lack of big camp training. UFC heavyweight Francis Ngannou has been wrecking his opposition, but his move stateside to join a notable gym has seemed to turn heads. Johny Hendricks takes almost as much heat about his camp as he does about his weight issues.

But while many might clamor to form a mass exodus from smaller, lesser-known camps, there are plenty of teams on the up-and-up. To find an example look no further than this month’s UFC on Fox 25 in Long Island.

Although the big name gym in the tri-state area is the famed Serra-Longo, Team Tiger Schulmann is quietly rocking three fighters on the July 22 card. To hear it from Shane Burgos, the youngest of the group, it was only a matter of time.

“We always work hard and we’re finally getting our names out there; finally putting our names on the map.”

Arriving to this gym for Burgos was an act of a lucky Google he’s still happy he made.

“I saw [MMA] on TV and became infatuated with it," Burgos said. "As soon as I saw my first fight, I looked up some local gyms. I found Tiger Schulmann’s and saw it was only ten minutes away from my house and I’ve been with the same team ever since.”

That choice has led him to an unblemished 9-0 professional record to go along with a 5-0 amateur record. Still, despite his perfect resume, Burgos is still one to put more emphasis on his teammates and their recent success.

“One of my teammates Brad Desir fought [on Bellator 180] and knocked the guy out in the first round in two minutes. We’re all making a big come up.”

But even though he enjoys pumping up the whole gym, he’s got a lot of faith in himself as well. His confidence regarding the featherweight division is definitely not lacking, and when asked about his place he wasn’t shy.

“I think I match up good with everybody. I think if you don’t think you can beat everybody, you’re in the wrong sport.”

That said, he is obviously in no rush to the top.

“I’m going to climb the ladder one fight at a time and show everybody what I’m about.”

Furthermore, Burgos and his teammates are ready to show the world what Team Tiger Schulmann is all about as well.

“It’s hard work, dedication to the craft and we’re showing everybody what we’re really about.”