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Scott Holtzman Understands Promotion Game, Says Actions Speak Loudly

Scott Holtzman Understands Promotion Game, Says Actions Speak Loudly

UFC lightweight Scott Holtzman shares his thoughts on the promotional game ahead of UFC Fight Night 108.

Feb 23, 2017 by Duane Finley
The UFC lightweight division is a talented collective and arguably the most competitive division under the promotion's banner. Scotty Holtzman is not only working to carve out his place in the 155-pound weight class, but trying to make an impact every step of the way.

The Tennessee native blitzed through regional circuits and dominated smaller stages to kick off his professional career. His success inside the cage earned a call from the UFC in late 2015, and "Hotsauce" kept his undefeated streak intact with a rear-naked choke victory over Anthony Christodoulou at UFC Fight Night 73.

The MMA Lab representative would find a mix of setbacks and success throughout his next three showings inside the Octagon, but Holtzman is confident he's fixing to put together a serious run up the lightweight ladder.

Nevertheless, in the current atmosphere of MMA, winning fights isn't always enough to boost a profile. Twitter beefs, callouts and hot-button quotes are the avenues some travel to boost popularity. And while Holtzman certainly recognizes the appeal in some cases, the 33-year-old lightweight prefers to let his work inside the Octagon.

He'll be looking to make a big statement in his home state when he faces Michael McBride at UFC Fight Night 108 on April 22 in Nashville, TN.

"You have to do some of that," Holtzman told FloCombat. "Guys have hit on it before and Chael [Sonnen] has hit on it a bunch. You have to make that decision. Do you want to be that guy who yells and screams and takes that route on social media. A guy who calls out, berates and criticizes guys and risks losing some fans but gaining fans as well because they love the entertainment side of it. 

"That's something I struggle with still. I'm a guy who wants my fighting to do the talking, but if I can string together some wins here and see where I'm at then I don't see that being too big of a deal for me. I've talked some sh*t, man. It's easy for me especially if someone comes at me. I'll come back at them all day. it doesn't matter. I'm not going to let someone get away with that and if I need to do it I can do it. 

"If you are ever down at Rooster's Bar and Grill my picture is up on the wall," he added. "I was the champion of the UT Bar Circuit three years running."