Team MMA Battle

Crazy Double Knockout Steals Show at Team MMA Battle

Crazy Double Knockout Steals Show at Team MMA Battle

A rarely seen double knockout stole the show at Team MMA Battle on FloCombat.

Jan 22, 2017 by Duane Finley
Crazy Double Knockout Steals Show at Team MMA Battle
The only thing crazier than the concept of Team MMA is the reality of actually seeing it unfold. When it comes to the craziest thing that can happen in such wild environment, the double knockout is the play that trumps all. Furthermore, when it's one competitor knocking out two different men in the same fight...well that is when things tumble into insanity.

Team MMA Battle invaded the shores of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to kick off their inaugural event Saturday night on FloCombat. The five-fight lineup was equal parts experimentation and entertainment, and the mixture of professional talent held potential of some exciting action unfolding. With the majority of competitors stepping into an unknown realm (obstacle course and scoring zone) there was a strong change things would jump out to a tentative start before reaching full momentum.


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From the first fight until the last, every team that stepped foot inside the cage fought with intensity and aggression, but Terry Demore and Matt Sieger took things to an entire new level.

The Ohio-based squad squared off with Dustin Medford and Marcus Taylor in the third fight on the card with a pre-fight promise made to leave their opposition in shambles. Following the pre-fight weigh-ins, a brash-talking Demore called his team's shot by predicting his team would leave both of their opponents looking up at the bright lights. And that's exactly what happened.

Shortly after the fight got underway, both teams split into one-on-one matchups on opposite sides of the cage. Demore wasted no time settling his side of the equation as a three-punch combination left Medford laying limp on the canvas. With his opponent out of the picture, Demore hustled over to assist Sieger, who had just landed a huge shot that turned Taylor's legs to Jello. A Demore right hand from the blind side turned off the lights completely.

The crowd in Myrtle Beach went nuts, and social media platforms followed suit.

While there was a moment of uncertainty where it was unclear if the victory would stand due to a rule stating a set amount of time must be allowed after one member of the team is finished, Demore's rapid-fire reaction time took place within the legal window. Demore single handedly snuffed out his opposition at Team MMA Battle and earned a "Performance of the Night" bonus for his team in the process.