Team MMA Battle

Warrior Brigade Defends Myrtle Beach With Style at Team MMA Battle

Warrior Brigade Defends Myrtle Beach With Style at Team MMA Battle

Warrior Brigade duo Brandon Bushaw and Amos Collins represented strong for their hometown crowd at Team MMA Battle.

Jan 22, 2017 by Duane Finley
Warrior Brigade Defends Myrtle Beach With Style at Team MMA Battle
It was a matchup between old wolves and young lions in the main event at Team MMA Battle on Saturday night in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

The veteran duo of Brandon Bushaw and Amos Collins squared off against Ace Samples and Joey Mullin in a fight that promised to bring the ruckus. There was plenty of trash-talk exchanged in the lead up to the tilt and the two teams nearly broke into fisticuffs during the official weigh-ins on Friday night.

Yet, while all the back-and-forth traded on the build was meant to set the stage and build drama for the main event squabble, the pre-fight fireworks had nothing on what actually unfolded live on FloCombat.

From the opening bell the four men smashed their respective gas pedals and got down to scrapping. The team of Samples and Mullin came out with full aggression, while Bushaw and Collins immediately employed a strategy that relied on a wrestling-heavy attack.

Bushaw got in deep on a single and put Mullins on his back while Collins shot a double that carried him and Samples rolling across the canvas. With Team MMA Battle's 10 second ground rule in effect, the stand ups came early and often in the opening round, but there was no argument as to which team claimed the opening stanza.

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The second round saw more striking between the two squads as power shots were landed at a steady clip. Collins caught Mullin unaware in the center of the cage and leveled the kickboxer with a Booker T-style clothesline. Mullin would recover, and after a solid minute of scrambling, his teammate Samples returned the favor by landing a flying shot that seemed to stun Bushaw for a brief clip.

While Bushaw and Collins held a strong lead going into the final round, the wacky uncertainty of the format kept the potential for chaos hovering strong. Samples attempted to force the action, but after getting tied up with Bushaw on the canvas, pulled up lame with an injured ankle.

The cageside doctor ruled Samples unfit to continue, which left Mullin to go it alone. The 2-on-1 rules of the promotion actually created a scenario where the last man standing had a path to victory if he could survive, but the hometown squad refused to let that happen.

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Bushaw and Collins ran Mullin down and proceeded to take him apart.

Collins went worked for a head and arm choke while Bushaw grabbed a leg and went for the kneebar. Fighting the 10 second ground rule, Bushaw quickly abandoned the submission and went with King Kong strikes to Mullin's midsection.

The referee stepped in and waved off the fight and "The Warrior Brigade" broke into their post-fight celebration for their passionate fans in attendance. With the win, the team of Bushaw and Collins remains unbeaten in team combat, and capped off an insane night of action with a definitive stamp.

While the rest of the lineup delivered from top to bottom, the FloCombat performance of the night definitely goes to the team of Matt Sieger and Terry DeMore who lived up to their "Team Drive By" moniker with a brutal display of finishing power.

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Team MMA Battle Official Winners:

Grand Strands Finest
Team Drive By
Four Seasons
Warrior Brigade