Michael Bisping Says Chael Sonnen Juiced Out Of His Mind When They Fought

Michael Bisping Says Chael Sonnen Juiced Out Of His Mind When They Fought

UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping speaks his mind about former rival Chael Sonnen.

Jan 20, 2017 by Jim Edwards
Michael Bisping Says Chael Sonnen Juiced Out Of His Mind When They Fought
After an outstanding 2016, Michael Bisping suffered an early-year setback after being informed this week that he must have surgery on a knee injury, keeping him on the sidelines until May.

Despite his injury setback, Bisping has been busy of late promoting the new "xXx" film, in which he's makes his big screen debut. Joining John Pollock on the "MMA Report" this week, Bisping explained what it had been like balancing both his MMA career and an acting career.

"I was able to train twice a day, even though I was still on set every day," Bisping said. "I was running in the mornings and working out with a striking coach in Toronto and then lifting some weights as well. I'd then fly home on the Saturday and went to work with my regular team."

Asked about how he'd go about the next few months after landing another acting job, Bisping then revealed the surgery he'd have to undergo and how he was targeting a May return.

"I found out just recently that I've got to have a knee surgery," Bisping explained. "It's nothing major, I just slightly tore my knee up and have a torn meniscus. I've got to have that knee surgery taken care of, and we scheduled that for the next couple of weeks.

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"I'll get that taken care of, and then I'll probably be defending the belt around, I don't know--May or something like that I'd guess. Acting-wise there's few things in the pipeline. I fly up to Toronto on Saturday for at TV show that I'm filming. And yeah, I got a few things in the pipeline, but until you sign a contract it's all talk."

It was recently speculated after a confrontation backstage at UFC 207 on Dec. 30 that Bisping and Tyron Woodley would square off in a champion versus champion superfight. Bisping somewhat laughed it off now but said at the time the talk was all serious.

"To be honest, Tyron said he wanted to fight, and I was like listen, 'If you want to fight 100 percent, I'm all good and I'm totally down for that,'" Bisping said with a laugh. "I was having a bit of fun with it, but it was kind of serious and we did say to Dana, 'Listen if Conor can fight for all these different belts then so can we.

"He wanted to do it and Dana had wanted to do it then I'd have done it 100 percent. He's fighting Wonderboy, though, so I'm moving on sadly. I don't think that fight is going to happen."

With all the talk this week is about the Chael Sonnen versus Tito Ortiz fight at Bellator 170, Bisping was asked whether he was slightly bitter at the fact Sonnen's signing with Bellator made it unlikely he'd ever get a rematch with him.

"Any fighter wants to get a rematch with a fighter that has a victory over them," Bisping said. "I think we all know that he was juiced out of his mind for that one, and I think the general consensus was that I won that fight anyway. It was just the judges that got it wrong. It's all good though, and I wish him the best."