Team MMA Battle

Team MMA Battle: The Obstacle Course And Zone Scoring

Team MMA Battle: The Obstacle Course And Zone Scoring

Team MMA Battle has an obstacle course fighters compete upon and here is what you need to know.

Jan 15, 2017 by Duane Finley
Team MMA Battle: The Obstacle Course And Zone Scoring
Mixed martial arts is a blend of sports and entertainment, but it's always the fight that matters most. That fight will hit an entirely new level with the arrival of Team MMA Battle.

MMA was built upon the idea of finding out which martial arts discipline would rule the combat mountain and that concept has evolved into a global sport with mainstream acceptance. Team Battle MMA is set to take that concept up a few notches by taking two fighters and pitting them against another team in close quarters combat.

Throw in an unforgiving terrain for the battle to take place, and you have an intense environment never before seen in MMA.

The inaugural event for Team MMA Battle is slated to go down in Myrtle Beach, S.C. on Jan. 21 exclusively on FloCombat and is set to feature a stacked card filled with experienced fighters. Yet, before the ruckus unfolds on the shores of South Carolina, let's get familiar with the rules and scoring system.

Part one of this series dealt with the scoring between competitors in the midst of face-punching combat, but this next installment will focus on the very battleground they’ll be standing upon.

While team MMA may sound crazy enough, the fact the ruckus takes place on an obstacle course should get the curiosity cranked to overload.

Here are the rules to the obstacles and the specific “Zones” in which points can be scored.


During regulation play, there will be 1 instance per round in which competitors may obtain bonus points by utilizing one of 3 scoring opportunities located within the battlefield environment (with the number of points scored based on the difficulty of each). These scoring opportunities are separated into 2 types:

1. Zones: Designated areas in which both competitors of one team must occupy a space "king of the hill" style for 10 seconds without being removed or taken down to a grounded position. If they are able to do this, then they will be awarded the points. Once a zone has been secured, combat scoring will become inactive for this period (with the exception of an instance in which a competitor is eliminated, whereas the 5 points will still be awarded)

2. Obstacles: Structures located within the Battlefield, which present tasks for obtaining bonus points. If both competitors of one team are able to complete these requirements within the allotted 10 second time period, then they will be awarded the points.

At the 1 min mark of each round, one zone/obstacle will become active or "hot". Competitors will have 30 seconds to secure themselves and their teammate inside the designated area of the zone OR meet the required goal of said obstacle. The current format for this is as follows:

Round 1:

“The Valley” zone-  3 points

This is the first bonus scoring opportunity of the match, and considered the least difficult zone task. In order to score, both competitors must first position themselves standing with both feet within the zone. The competitors may touch, lean, or work against the sloped neutral zone of this area, provided that at least one of their feet remain grounded in the red scoring zone.

Round 2:

“The Hallway” zone- 5 points

Considered the most difficult zone scoring opportunity (due to the extremely close quarters and small proximity), both competitors of one team must position both feet within the designated area in standing position. Once secured, the competitors may grab or hold onto the elevated portions surrounding the zone in order to keep themselves within the required area. However both competitors must avoid being taken town with at least one foot remaining inside the zone area until the 10 second time has elapsed.

Round 3:

The "Porthole" obstacle - 2 points

The only "obstacle" bonus scoring opportunity of the current Battlefield format. This requires both competitors of one team to travel consecutively through the porthole, located inside the “Hurdle” structure.

While Team MMA Battle will be a new form of fisticuff ruckus, the madness in Myrtle is guarenteed to be something you won’t want to miss. The full card lineup and features on the two teams rocking the main event hit FC this week so slap a friend and get familiar. It’s about to go DOWN!!!!