Team MMA Battle: What You Need To Know

Team MMA Battle: What You Need To Know

The inaugural installment of Team MMA Battle is set to take place on Jan 21. exclusively on FloCombat.

Jan 6, 2017 by Duane Finley
Team MMA Battle: What You Need To Know
Mixed martial arts is a blend of sports and entertainment, but it's always the fight that matters most. That fight will hit an entirely new level with the arrival of Team MMA Battle.

MMA was built upon the idea of finding out which martial arts discipline would rule the combat mountain and that concept has evolved into a global sport with mainstream acceptance. Team Battle MMA is set to take that concept up a few notches by taking two fighters and pitting them against another team in close quarters combat.

Throw in an unforgiving terrain for the battle to take place, and you have an intense environment never before seen in MMA.

The inaugural event for Team MMA Battle is slated to go down in Myrtle Beach, S.C. on Jan. 21 exclusively on FloCombat and is set to feature a stacked card filled with experienced fighters. Yet, before the ruckus unfolds on the shores of South Carolina, let's get familiar with the rules and scoring system.

Team MMA Battle Scoring and How to Win:

This is the primary method of acquiring points, and may be scored anytime during regulation. The points are as follows:

1 Point is awarded for:

Decisive throw or takedown

An uncontested flurry of strikes from the top of a grounded opponent following a takedown. Three strikes minimum per flurry.

3 Points awarded for:

A knockdown

Standing 8-count

5 Points awarded for:

The elimination of an opponent by knockout, submission or referee stoppage

How to Win

All Team MMA bouts shall be contested by one of three methods:

The elimination of both members of an opposing team.

Scoring the most points during regulation time

Majority decision by three assigned referees should the bout go to double overtime.

2-on-1 Rules

One of the edgiest concepts of Team MMA arrives when one of the competitors is eliminated from the fight and a 2-on-1 scenario is created. When this occurs the remaining fighter will be faced with a choice to forfeit or attempt to battle against stacked odds.

When this occurs, the bout goes to a sudden death one-minute 2-on-1 round. In this situation, the team of two may operate cooperatively to finish the remaining fighter of the other team by knockout, submission, or referee stoppage. If this occurs, then they are awarded the victory.

If the remaining fighter of that team is able to survive the 2-on-1 round, then the outcome of the bout will be contested in one of two ways (depending on the score prior to the start of the sudden death round):

1. If the team with one remaining competitor is ahead on points following the elimination of their teammate, then their team will be awarded the win if they are able to survive the 2-on-1 round.  

2.  If the team with the 2-on-1 advantage was ahead on points at the time of the  elimination, then surviving takes them to a final double overtime round.  Here, the team with the advantage selects one of it's members to face the remaining member of the opposing team in a 2 minute 1-on-1 MMA round. Here the competitors may finish their opponents and win the bout by standard MMA methods (knockout, submission, referee stoppage).  If no finish occurs, then this round shall be judged by the 3 referees overseeing the bout.. Determining the undisputed winner.