UFC 205: Alvarez vs. McGregor

UFC 205: Donald Cerrone Living Life to the Fullest

UFC 205: Donald Cerrone Living Life to the Fullest

UFC welterweight Donald Cerrone explains his method to living a life worth living.

Nov 10, 2016 by Duane Finley
UFC 205 Pre-fight Interview: Donald Cerrone
Donald Cerrone is a man who lives in the here and now and is without comparison in the fight game.

While there are a handful of highly efficient strikers who also bring a solid submission game to the cage, there isn't another competitor in the current realm of mixed martial arts who brings what Cerrone does to the table.

Cerrone is not only one of the most active fighters to ever step inside the cage, but his live-for-the-moment philosophy is also tried and true. While all of his peers competing on UFC 205's historic card are talking about the weight of the moment and what it all means to them, Cerrone is simply taking the next step in a life he's determined to live to the fullest, because that is the "Cowboy" way.

Rather than strike a balance between his fighting life and the personal life he has beyond the cage, Cerrone prefers to keep it all one full-throttled thing. And he wouldn't have it any other way.