Doo Ho Choi: 'I Will Knock Out Cub Swanson in One Round'

Doo Ho Choi: 'I Will Knock Out Cub Swanson in One Round'

Doo Ho Choi may not look the most dangerous man in the UFC, but his previous opponents will tell you he should not be underestimated.The 25-year-old South K

Sep 7, 2016 by Jim Edwards
Doo Ho Choi: 'I Will Knock Out Cub Swanson in One Round'
Doo Ho Choi may not look the most dangerous man in the UFC, but his previous opponents will tell you he should not be underestimated.

The 25-year-old South Korean has made big waves in the featherweight division since his UFC debut in November 2014, and with three wins in the organization already, he's managed to break into the top 15.  
Despite back-to-back TKO/KO victories in his first two outings in the UFC Octagon, Choi was still considered the underdog heading into his last fight with Thiago Tavares at the TUF 23 finale last July. Some might have wilted under the pressure of fighting in Las Vegas for the first time and not being the favorite, but Choi never lost confidence in himself, and saw it as an opportunity to announce himself on the world stage.

"Ahead of the fight with Tavares, many said this would be a tough fight and that it would be a big test to prove where I was in my development," Choi said. "But even before, I was confident I would knock him out in the first round. It was a great fight, and I think it was an opportunity to show the world that I can do more."

Having beaten Tavares in July, Choi wasted no time letting people know who he wanted to face next in the Octagon: Cub Swanson. Choi believes an impressive win over the No. 5-ranked featherweight would put him in title contention.


Jul 8, 2016; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Doo Ho Choi (red gloves) fights Thiago Tavares (blue gloves) during The Ultimate Fighter Finale at MGM Grand Garden Arena. Mandatory Credit: Joshua Dahl-USA TODAY Sports

"I could say I want to fight Jose Aldo or Conor McGregor, but I'm not the type that talks about plans that are currently impossible," Choi said. "I've been watching Cub for a long time, and I think he's a tough opponent. If I can get him in the first round, I think I can openly call out McGregor or Aldo."

Having won 11 of his last 12 via TKO/KO, Choi is predicting he will finish Swanson early. The featherweight outlined why he's been so successful finishing his opponents.

"It's the combination of three things -- power, technique and speed, and an extra-special secret that I have," Choi said. "That is why people call me the 'Korean Superboy'. Once I started knocking out all the veteran fighters in Japan, that's what the Japanese fans started calling me.

"I feel like I can KO pretty much everyone, and I visualize it a lot in my head. I will also knock out Cub in the first round."

While other MMA stars from the Far East have moved to America for their training, Choi remains in Korea to continue his development.

"I train out of Team Mad in Busan Korea under the head coach Sunghoon Yang," Choi said. "He is the reason why I think I can beat all of those guys like McGregor, Aldo and Edgar.

"Many fans recognize me in Korea now and show me a lot of support. I feel really grateful and fortunate to be able to live a life like this, so for the minute, I'm not interested in training out in America, though I do love America and all my American fans."

Riding a winning streak that stretches over six years, Choi is full of confidence, and has no fear of telling people where he believes his abilities can take him.

"I want to fight McGregor, Aldo, Edgar, Mendes--I think I can win them all."