Eddie Alvarez Takes Shots at McGregor Fans and Khabib Nurmagomedov

Eddie Alvarez Takes Shots at McGregor Fans and Khabib Nurmagomedov

UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez stated his intentions to land fight with Conor McGregor

Jul 29, 2016 by Duane Finley
Eddie Alvarez Takes Shots at McGregor Fans and Khabib Nurmagomedov
Eddie Alvarez has been gunning for a fight with Conor McGregor since he won the UFC lightweight title but at the UFC 201 Fan Q&A today, he took a slightly different line of attack and this time, focused on the Irishman's loyal fan following.

Having been introduced to the stage minutes before, it didn't take long for Alvarez to be asked about McGregor but the current UFC 155-pound champion needed no warming up.

"You McGregor fans are a bit swayed, you're a bit biased and you aren't seeing what I see as a fighter," Alvarez said. "What I'm seeing are not the right style matchups. He's fighting the perfect style matchups for himself and he's not fighting the guys that can threaten him the way I can or the way any of these wrestlers can threaten him.

"If you look at his fights he's not been in a lot of bad positions and there is a reason for that. The style matchups have been in his favor and I'm not the style matchup that is in his favor. I can put him in bad places and I don't think he will be able to deal with that or overcome it."

While McGregor has been a common target of Alvarez in recent weeks, one man he's not been mentioning so much is the UFC's current #1 ranked lightweight Khabib Nurmagomedov. Seemingly all Alvarez needed was an invitation and he was later asked why he wasn't talking about the Russian. Alvarez again pulled no punches. 

"Look, when I came here to the UFC I fought every top guy, everyone from top ten to who was in front of me," Alvarez said. "I didn't fight number thirty or number twenty-five, number forty or number fifty and then say I want a title shot. I said I want to fight that guy because he's the best, that guy because he's better, that guy he's better than him and then I said I want to fight the champ."

Alvarez continued and he didn't let up on the Russian.

"That's what I did to get my title shot and that's what you do when you want to fight the best guys in front of you," he said. "You don't just rack up a great record fight thirty, forty and fifty and then say I want a title shot."

Then came the sniper bullet.

"Look, I fight the best, he fights the rest. That's how it goes. Tony [Ferguson] is calling me out, Khabib is calling me out - when you win the belt, everyone just calls you out. I got my own agenda, I'm just trying to get this fight [with McGregor]."