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Conor McGregor Rebounds, Floyd Mayweather Makes Ugly Turn

Conor McGregor Rebounds, Floyd Mayweather Makes Ugly Turn
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The four-city tour to promote the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor touched down in London on Friday.

The previous events saw both the boxing great and UFC champion have highs and lows, all of which still combined to build a tremendous amount of momentum rolling into their final stop in the UK. Neither McGregor nor Mayweather made much of an impression on Thursday in Brooklyn, but with the Dublin native rolling into Europe there was no doubt the volume was about to get turned up in London.

Rather than do the stage and runway approach, Friday's stop took place in a makeshift boxing ring. Here's the best (and worst) of what went down.

Conor McGregor:

"Four years ago I fought in London at a place called HMV Forum in front of 500 people. Here we are six weeks out and I'm about to quadruple my net worth for half a fight. Quadruple my net worth for half a f*cking fight? Sign me up."

"The pain in this man's hand is unbelievable. With his little b*tch paws."

"He was wearing high heels yesterday. Check the faceoff picture from yesterday and the one the day before. You should have worn them on the first f*cking day you stupid baldy tw*t."

"I like (Mayweather Promotions CEO) Leonard Ellerbe. He wears slick suits but not today. What the f*ck is that? I like you but in six weeks when he loses this all falls on yours and [Floyd] Sr.'s shoulders. He could have retired 49-0 but you got greedy. When I beat him I run this sh*t!"

"What's up with these juicehead motherf*ckers? He said, 'Voltron Power Rangers,' and they formed all wall around me. What the f*ck is that?"

"You're a b*tch with b*tches on your payroll. No wonder you go f*cking broke."

"I am boxing!"

"Let's make this clear... the bullsh*t is now over. In six weeks I'm gonna sleep this fool, and when I sleep him, I'm going to bounce his head off the canvas.

Floyd Mayweather:

"I'm a gorilla and I eat through fighters like this b*tch."

"I'm not going to touch you til August 26. I'll knock you the f*ck out, punk."

"I'm a home-cooked meal. You're a microwaved meal with that cheap-ass watch on. This is a 1.4 million dollar watch, b*tch."

"You're the student. I'm the teacher. August 26 I'ma take you to school."

"You say something else and I'll beat your ass inside the Octagon. Somebody get Nate Diaz on the phone."

"You've tasted defeat. I'll never taste defeat. The Earth is my turf."

Then Mayweather jumped headfirst into distasteful territory and dropped a homophobic slur.

London Winner:

Conor McGregor bounced back solid to finish strop. Mayweather went from cruising to awful.
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