Smooth And Bo Show Episode 3: Fear And Loathing On Rainbow Road

Smooth And Bo Show Episode 3: Fear And Loathing On Rainbow Road
Photo: FloCombat
Welcome to the Smooth & Bo Show, FloCombat's newest podcast featuring Senior Editor Duane Finley and former UFC lightweight champion "Smooth" Benson Henderson. 

During the inaugural episode, Smooth & Bo set the tone for what is about to grace your earholes every week moving forward. While rooted in MMA, the duo delivers everything from pop culture to parenting to movie talk and much more, running the gamut of topics with humor and sophistication.

Just kidding on that "sophistication" part. Between Bo's renegade sensibilities and penchant for the funnies and Henderson's mega-brain of wisdom and insight, the Smooth & Bo Show provides the laughs, the knowledge, and the outright ridiculousness you need in your life. 

Buckle up and enjoy Episode 3, as this week Smooth and Bo get into the following:

Best/Worst of the X-men

Getting superpowers

Why Bo just can't jazz with Spiderman

Smooth's take on if Aquaman can ever be cool

A passionate (and slightly scarred) Smooth goes bonkers over toys vs. action figures

Bo makes the SBS graphic novel recommendation of the week

The boys discuss UFC 211 controversy and Smooth gives his take on Dustin Poirier's situation

Smooth gives serious props to Frankie Edgar for winning at UFC 211.

SUG 4 talk

and much more!

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