Top 5 Quotes From Submission Radio #125: TJ Dillashaw, Mark Hunt, More

Top 5 Quotes From Submission Radio #125: TJ Dillashaw, Mark Hunt, More
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If y'all are unfamiliar with the work Kacper Rosolowski and Denis Shkuratov put in for Submission Radio, you're missing out.

Regularly snagging the biggest names in MMA from both the fighting side and the keyboard warrior--I mean, "media"--side, Kacper and Denis bring the good-good week after week, episode after episode.

During their most recent outing, Episode 125, the dynamic duo from down under brought on former UFC heavyweight champ and all-around MMA legend Bas Rutten, former UFC bantamweight champion and current title challenger TJ Dillashaw, former UFC heavyweight title contender Mark Hunt, and noted Fox Sports journalist Damon Martin aboard.

Look: Kacper and Denis are incredible at what they do, but two and a half hours is two and a half hours, and that's tough for some people to get through. We get it. That's why we're kicking off a new series, where we summarize the top five quotables from Submission Radio. If you like what you see, the full episode is embedded below for you take the deep dive.

Without further ado, let's roll.

5. Bas Rutten says Joanna Jedrzejczyk will supplant Ronda Rousey as the greatest female fighter in UFC history

"What Ronda did, it was completely new...It was so dominant. Every time winning with the same thing and armbarring, everybody knows she's going to armbar you and yet they're not able to stop it. So that was a very powerful statement, but Jedrzejczyk is just, you know, she's an animal. I completely love her, everything about her--the way she fights, presents herself. She will break that record [Rousey's six title defenses]. I think it's going to be very hard for the UFC to find somebody who can actually beat her." 

4. TJ Dillashaw on finding out Cody Garbrandt wouldn't make press conference

My first, initial reaction was that Cody didn't show up because of the way he's been looking on TV [on The Ultimate Fighter]. He's been showing his true colors on TV and I didn't think he wanted to be interviewed about it, didn't want to be asked about it, and knew that I had a lot of ammunition on him...The more I thought about it, that didn't really make sense. Dana doesn't let guys just miss the press conference. He pulled Conor McGregor from UFC 200 because he wasn't showing up to the press conference, so why would he give Cody any kind of lenience? ...Everyone just thought for some reason Cody was going to try to pull out of this fight. So I called him out on social media and sure enough, he answered back saying his back's hurting and he's heading to Germany to get some procedures done.

3. Mark Hunt explains why he's fighting Derrick Lewis

"I'm excited about fighting in Auckland. It's where I was born. What can I say? I'm salty about having to fight..and trying to make it an even fight. I don't think Derrick Lewis is a cheater. He hasn't been caught before, and he's still in the top 10...When you ask me about steroids in fighting, in the sport, of course I'm going to voice my opinion. This is what's happening right now. That's what sucks about this whole scenario. I'm fighting for equality in here. It's crazy. How can a fighter fight for equality because these guys are juicing?! Ha! It shouldn't even be like this to be honest."

2. TJ Dillashaw preparing for July 8 fight against Garbrandt, still expects Garbrandt to pull out

Dana says as far as he's concerned there's still going to be a fight July 8. But I highly doubt it. Cody seems very mentally weak to me and he's already making excuses about what's going on with his back. He said he's been hurt for months and he was supposed to be cleared March 1. Well he was running around looking like an idiot on The Ultimate Fighter, and his back didn't seem to be bothering him then. We did the coaches' challenge, and he was trying to get in everyone's face, trying to fight then. Now, all of a sudden when we're getting closer to the fight and things are about to get real, he's hurt.

1. Mark Hunt discusses his...interesting...doll

"It's got detachable hands. It's got a freaking five-inch dick, which isn't good for me. It should be at least nine inches. At least! Fu*king five inches, man. It's disgusting. So I was like...Wait a minute. If the hands are detachable, why wouldn't give me a detachable dick so I can put on bigger ones?

Check out the full episode of Submission Radio right here:

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