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Cat Zingano on Amanda Nunes: 'I Broke Her'

Cat Zingano on Amanda Nunes: 'I Broke Her'
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When UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion Amanda Nunes finished Ronda Rousey in the first round of their title bout at UFC 207, her performance turned the heads of fans and fighters alike. However, it was her antics after the fight that did not sit well with fellow bantamweight fighter, Cat Zingano. 

"Amanda just got real cocky with that," Zingano said when speaking with Duane Finley during the FloCombat Road Trip. "I don't know if it was a show, I don't know if it was real, but at the end of the day, we're together to get where we are and Ronda was the trailblazer."

After her victory over Rousey, Nunes took to social media to post a couple of memes and pictures depicting Rousey in a negative manner in an attempt at humor. While the posts were heavily shared and "liked" by many people on social media, Zingano found the whole thing very disrespectful to the woman who paved the way for them in the sport. "I just feel protective of her and I didn't like the way Amanda handled that."

"I will forever be grateful for Ronda. She's always had respect for me," stated Zingano. "Whether she's had respect for her other opponents or not, I don't really care."

At UFC 184, Rousey defeated Zingano in mere seconds via submission. It's a moment Zingano wishes she could have back, but outside of the Octagon, there was never any ill will between the pair. "It's a personal thing between me and her. She's done a lot for me as a person individually too."

Perhaps after hearing the backlash from some, Nunes publicly apologized for her antics in wake of the victory over Rousey. For Zingano, the apology was half-hearted at best. "A few days later she posted another crappy picture and another cocky thing," explained Zingano. "You can't apologize for how you feel right after you get hit in the head or whatever her excuse was when you're still doing that shit five days later."

While Nunes is enjoying her time as a Champion with one successful title defense, Zingano wishes the champ would look to avenge her previous losses. Not only would it benefit Zingano's career to earn another crack at the UFC strap, but it also taps into how she would react if she was in Nunes' shoes. 

"I feel like if I were her, I would be embarrassed with the way the fight went with me and that would be the one I would rectify the most," stated Zingano who finished Nunes via TKO at UFC 178 in 2014. "I would want to avenge a loss to me, especially getting embarrassed the way that I embarrassed her, but you know, some people don't want to get in there with me again."

Knowing she's a fight or two away from another shot at the champion, Zingano is doing everything in her power to become a better fighter after making the move from Colorado to train at Alliance MMA in San Diego. Until the moment Zingano and Nunes clash again in the future, Zingano has a feather in her cap she can hold onto for the time being:

"I broke her, and that sucks to be broken."
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