Michael Bisping Reveals Perfect Plan: GSP, Yoel Romero, Then Retirement

Michael Bisping Reveals Perfect Plan: GSP, Yoel Romero, Then Retirement
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Michael Bisping has undergone surgery on his knee injury this past weekend, but before he went under the knife he clarified his position on his retirement plans.

Speaking on SiriusXM last Friday, Bisping said he wasn't so hung up on the name of his opponent for his final few bouts, but more the size of the occasion and the paycheck he'd get for stepping in the Octagon again.

"I said I want to be a part of the biggest fights possible," Bisping clarified. "Whether that's Yoel Romero, Georges St-Pierre or whether that's Jacare [Souza] or Anderson Silva, I just want to be a part of the biggest fights ever earning as much money as possible.

"That didn't go down too well with some people and I don't see why that offends anybody or pisses anybody off. I'm scheduled for knee surgery tomorrow. Dana offered me a couple of fights and I was hoping the treatment I was on my knee was going to be successful."

Bisping then spoke about the surgery he was having this weekend and said that he wasn't bothered by the operation, but more the rest and recovery time required before it would be fully healed.

"I had some PRP where they spin the plasma in the blood and were hoping that would work, but I've got a torn meniscus and loose bodies floating inside there, small fractures in the bone--there's just a lot of stuff going on there.

"The surgery doesn't bother me, it's more what happens after--the leg being swollen up three times the size and not being able to walk. It's going to be four weeks before I can do light training. It's not [terrible], but I like to stay active and busy and I've got a lot of things going on in my life. Sitting on my ass for four weeks doesn't sound attractive."

As you can see from his Instagram post this morning, his estimation at the amount of swelling post-surgery wasn't far off. Regardless, Bisping was already looking ahead and he clarified his position on why he believed he deserved the big fights from here on out.

"We will get the surgery out the way and when it's done it's done and then I'll fight Yoel Romero if I have to and I'll whip his ass and if it's GSP I'll whip his ass," Bisping said. "I just want the biggest fight possible on the biggest fight card possible.

"I want to be in a big main event on a big card--I've been here forever doing this is that too much to ask? I love the UFC they've treated me very well, but I'm at the tail end of my career I think everybody knows that. I've got no huge career ahead of me, I've got a huge career behind me. Of course, [I want to go out with a win] that's the plan. Two more wins and it's sayonara, buddeh."

Asked if the scenario of facing GSP, then Romero, then retiring would be a fitting ending, Bisping didn't need to think twice.

"Yes, that would be the perfect scenario," he said.
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